Are you bored with your current fitness routine and ready to try something YOU-nique and challenging? Have you plateaued and need to change it up to give your body a little shock? Then B.Silque Fit may be just what YOU need! This invigorating, modern fitness method utilizes only a suspended aerial silk hammock as well as your body as resistance to build strength, lengthen muscles and transform your physique.  This class is the perfect way to create the definition in your arms and upper body you may be looking for with the added benefits of sculpting the entire body and increasing your overall flexibility. With a variety of levels and options to choose, you too can find a way to soar!

B.Silque Cardio is an advanced level class. Although you remain grounded throughout the class, cardio intervals and strengthening exercises utilize the silque in YOU-nique ways to get your heart racing! Using your body weight as resistance, the silque for balance, and high intensity cardio intervals, B.Silque Cardio burns fat, strengthens the core, and chisels the entire body.  Utilizing a research-based cardiovascular format with grounded elements, calories will be burned up to 48 hours after class.  If you’ve been hesitant to try silques in the past, now is your chance!  We recommend trying a few B.Silque Barre and B.Barre cardio classes prior to attending B.Silque Cardio.  Be ready to sweat!

  MyZone Target: 60-70% MHR during strengthing / 80-90% MHR on cardio

B.Silque Strong is an intermediate level class that tones your body from head to toe through intense holds and deep muscle strengthening! Utilizing your body weight as resistance and the silk for balance. B.Silque Strong will activate your core, increase upper body strength and challenge your body and coordination! The class combines grounded exercises, lifted elements and transition “tricks” for an innovative, challenging, and total body workout.  Class ends with deep stretching, inverting {yes, hanging upside down is a major tension releaser} and everyone’s favorite, cocoon {aka perfect nap spot}.  It is recommended that you attend 3-5 other B.Silque classes before attending B.Silque Strong.

  MyZone Target: 50-75% MHR

B.Silque Yoga is an exhilarting blend of traditional yoga and aerial fitness. Putting classic yoga positions into the silques, you will be flipping, inverting and climbing in ways you never have before! As in traditional yoga, the focus is on deep stretching, lengthening, & defining the muscles, decompressing the spine, improving flexibility & balance, connection to body and breath, and replenishing the soul. B.Silque Yoga is offered in beginner and intermediate levels. B.Silque Fire Flow is a faster-paced, advanced version of the class that is more cardio-based with upbeat music and more advanced positions.

  MyZone Target: 50-75% MHR

B.30 Silque Sweat Sesh is a tabata-based, advanced level class that is 30 mintues of killer cardio. Tabata is a researched regimen of High Intensity Interval Training {HIIT} that uses 20 seconds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest in a cycle of eight. Using the silques, you will engage more muscles, utilize more balance, and quickly send your heart rate to its maximum; therefore, burning maximum calories during class and for hours to come!

  MyZone Target: 80-90% MHR

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