We have many new studio policies and procedures in keeping with guidelines set by our government officials.  Most are outlined below as we know them today, but we suspect change will be constant as our Country continues to reopen from this pandemic. Initially we know that our B.YOU experience will be different, but we are excited to safely offer the energy of an in-studio class if even on a much smaller scale for now. The health and safety of you and our staff is our #1 concern, so we will continue to reevaluate daily and adjust as necessary. We appreciate your continued support and your patience during this time as we phase back into normalcy.

Reduced Studio Class Size

Class sizes will be significantly reduced to meet government guidelines for group fitness of 10 feet or more of personal distance between members during class as opposed to the standard 6 feet. The State guidelines also require any group class to a maximum of 10 people total, regardless of individual studio size. The extra social distancing space is extremely important due to the nature of our business, but also reduces our capacity significantly. In hopes we can accommodate everyone, we are still exploring options and working out details on our schedule and booking policies.  For instance, we are hoping to take advantage of the fact we have two, separate studios per location, meaning additional capacity with appropriate space between clients. We will keep you posted!

Schedule & Reservations

We will have a scaled-back schedule initially with shorter classes and extra time between classes to ensure all equipment and areas are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Reservations will be required and we will enforce no-show and late cancel policies for obvious reasons. Next week’s schedule will be released for sign-ups this weekend. We will email and post as soon as it is live!

Hybrid Studio Structure – LiveStream our In-Studio Classes!

We will be offering all of our classes not only physically in the studio but also Live-Streamed for those who are not ready to come back quite yet. Plus, with reduced class sizes and anticipated waitlists, we want to give those who can’t get into the physical class an option to experience the class with everyone! Reservations will be required for LiveStream classes and you will receive an email with details on how to join 30 minutes prior. LiveStream classes are included with all memberships or LiveStream classes can be purchased as stand-alone packages or drop-in for non-members. Classes will also be recorded and added to our On-Demand library for our members and subscribers.

Outdoor Classes

Weather & space permitting, we will move our Springhurst classes outdoors whenever possible. This may not be possible at Chenoweth Square, but we are exploring options.


For your safety, our instructors will lead you on your form from her station using verbal cues and demonstration, instead of using hands-on corrections or walking around the room. Exercises will also be modified to ensure you are staying within your personal space. For our instructor’s safety, we will not be using the microphone during class.


We will be limiting our equipment usage. We do highly encourage you to bring your own mat and set of hand weights. However, we will supply sanitized mats and weights should you not bring your own. We will handle clean-up of our studio mats and weights following class and ensure they are fully sanitized.

Showers & Restrooms

Showers will not be available for use and only one person may enter the restroom at a time to ensure distancing standards are met.

Water Fountain & Other Amenities

The water fountain will not be available for use, nor will there be water bottle sales. We also will not be supplying sweat towels or other amenities {deodorant, etc} to reduce shared surfaces, so please be sure to bring your own full water bottle and sweat towel.

Check-In Process

Before class, we ask that you wait outside rather than the lobby area. The door will be propped open 10 minutes prior to class and limited numbers will be permitted to enter at a time to ensure distancing standards of 6 feet. Reservations for class will be required; therefore, any class purchases should be made by the client online prior to the class so there is no exchange of credit cards to reduce shared surfaces.


Doors will be propped open whenever possible to avoid shared touch and for better air ventilation.

Changing Room & Cubbies/Lockers

Changing rooms will not be available so please come dressed and ready to go. Due to distancing guidelines, we are not able to use cubbies or lockers so please bring minimal items and plan to take them with you to your station in the studio.

Traffic Flow

Because our two studios have different sizes and footprints, we will have signage available directing the appropriate traffic flow at each location to ensure 6′ of social distancing.


Retail items will be displayed as normal for sale. Please ensure your account has an updated credit card on file to minimize sharing of items.


Masks should be worn before and after class but are optional during class as we know it could pose a health risk for some during exercise.


Childcare will not be available at this time as directed by our state and local officials.


All equipment, shared surfaces, restrooms, floors, barres and desk will be sanitized before and after each class by our staff wearing mask and gloves. Hand Sanitizer and wipes will be available in multiple areas to you.


Upon return you will be required to sign a digital waiver confirming that you will not attend a class if you you or anyone in your household has been exposed to Covid-19 within the last 14 days prior to the class  and that you will notify us immediately should you become ill within 14 days after attending a class so we can inform others you came in contact with.