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B.Renewed Challenge 2016

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We are SO excited it’s January because that means the holidays are behind us and it’s time to focus on YOU!  Hello to the New Year and goodbye to all the excuses!  Our B.Renewed Challenge is new and improved from when we introduced this challenge last January. It is still primarily focused on taking measurements, losing inches, and being held accountable to take classes, but this year, we’ve added a full 6-Week Meal Plan PLUS extra points for utilizing our new MyZone technology and tracking your actual calorie burn!  Furthermore, this year we’ve opened the challenge to not only VIB’s but also to anyone else who needs some extra motivation to get FIT in 2016.  Non-members can participate in the challenge for only $198 for the 6 weeks, which includes unlimited access to all classes at both locations plus the 6-Week Meal Plan.    Below we’ve provided some extra information about the B.Renewed Challenge and how YOU can participate and WIN!!!!