We want you to feel comfortable the first time you walk through our studio doors and confident in taking your first class which is why we’ve prepared this short video for you. Also, many helpful tips are listed below to help you b.prepared as you begin your journey to a happier & healthier YOU!

Choosing The Right Class

B.YOU is intended to be a “happy place” for women to escape their busy lives and experience innovative fitness in a welcoming and inspiring environment. Our classes are intended to energize, motivate, inspire, and make you feel better than you did when you walked in the door. While our Fitness Methods are specialized and YOU-nique, they are designed specifically for women, by women, to keep you from getting bored with your workouts – not to intimidate you. Every class is mixed level, meaning that whether you are beginner or advanced, our Inspire-ers will cater to YOU.



The perfect place to start is B.Barre.
If you are new to working out, B.Barre Fit is the perfect class to start with. Even though B.Barre is a strength training class that focuses on women’s problem areas {core, inner & outer thighs, the booty, and upper body}, it is also a class where proper form and alignment, connection to your body and muscles, and the difference between muscle pain and joint pain are taught. Whether you are well-practiced in another barre method, a complete fitness novice, or a cardio queen, this class will teach you all the basics of our technique and prepare you for successful practice in all our other methods and classes.


Ready to move on? As we like to say, Pick Your Poison.
Here are some typical scenarios that may help guide you on the right path for YOU.

Are you a runner or a cyclist who needs to add strength training to your regimen? Check out our Sculpting classes. Or, do you need a good stretch after a long run or ride? Check out our Replenishing classes. Do you need cross training that will give your joints a break from pounding the concrete? You will LOVE B.Bounce.
Are you a Yogi ready to take your practice to the next level? B.Silque Yoga and B.Silque Fire Flow will challenge you into new, soaring postures.
Are you overweight and need to slim down? After you’ve mastered the technique of B.Barre, it’s time to burn some calories in B.Barre Bootcamp or B.Barre Tabata. Once you’ve reached an intermediate level in your cardiovascular health, it’s time to move on to B.Silque Cardio and B.Bounce to continue to shed the pounds and feel great!
Are you a gym-goer who is sick of the same old routine? B.BarreB.Silque and B.Bounce will give you an entirely new challenge with class variations and styles to ensure your body never plataues and you never get bored!
Do you hate to sweat and love to chill? You should try B.Barre or B.Silque Barre; it’s like no other workout because you target the muscles with tiny movements, which means NO sweat but still a great workout!

If you still don’t know where to start, we encourage you to email us at [email protected] for a personalized plan based on your needs. Whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle, or whatever your specific goals may be, we want to help lead YOU on a very successful journey!

Getting Started

Signing Up.
We do not require pre-registration to attend a class. We strongly recommend only reserving a class 2 hours or less before the class start time. Dropping in to a class you have not signed up for is perfectly acceptable. Some classes and times, like 6am and weekends, fill up more quickly than others so signing up in advance for classes during peak times may be necessary. Check out our online schedule or download our Free App to sign up!

When a class is pre-booked to capacity, you will be asked if you want to sign up for the waitlist. We do encourage you to add yourself onto the waitlist due to the high likelihood you will be added into class. As long as you have signed up for our studio emails and/or text notifications, you will receive an email or text that you have been added into class. If the waitlist is full, please check back closer to the class start time, as spots do become available near the required cancellation window. You can always check your waitlist status by viewing “My Info” in your Mindbody account. If you are not a VIB {12-month member}, you may see your waitlist position fluctuate down and up as our VIBs do receive waitlist priority. Please note, if you do not plan on dropping into the class or can no longer attend, you must cancel your waitlist reservation just as you would a non-waitlisted reservation prior to the cancellation policy requirements to avoid any fees or penalties.

Cancellation Policy.
All Classes scheduled before 8:30am must be cancelled before 8pm the evening prior to the class.
All Weekend Classes must be cancelled before 8pm the evening prior to the class.
All B.Bounce Classes scheduled before 12pm must be cancelled before 8pm the evening prior to the class.
All B.Bounce Classes scheduled after 12pm must be cancelled 10-hours prior to the class.
All other classes and times must be cancelled 4-hours prior to the class.

Unlimited trials and memberships will be charged $10 for any no-shows and late cancellations. All package members and drop-ins will be charged the class credit used to reserve for no-shows and late cancellations. VIBs {annual members} will receive 10 late cancel credits. Any late cancellations and/or no-shows in excess of 50 may cause online reservations to be forfeited during waitlisted classes. After 100 consecutive visits with no late cancels or no shows, online reservation privileges will be reinstated.

Prepping For Class

The key to a healthy body is to stay hydrated so be sure to have plenty of water before, during and after your workout. This is particularly important if you are taking one of our sweat sesh classes.

Be sure you are properly fueled before taking a class. Some of our sweat cardio classes will burn upwards of 500-800 calories, so you will need plenty of energy. Also, if you are new to B.Silque Strong or B.Silque Yoga, you’ll want to be properly nourished before trying the fun tricks and inversions. If you need a little extra boost, we always have fresh fruit, almonds and Quest bars at the studio!

What To Wear + What To Bring

B.Barre + B.Silque.
We do require footwear, either non-skid socks or in-studio shoes such as Bloch’s or Blake Brody’s, in our barre and silque classes. Bare feet are not permitted for sanitary purposes. As for apparel, clients feel most comfortable and have the best workout wearing yoga-like athletic apparel such as leggings or crops and a tank top. Fitted clothing is preferred but not required for form correction as well as comfort throughout exercises. We have plenty of sock and apparel options for you in our B.Boutique!

B.Bounce + B.Mixed Circuit.
Lightweight, minimalist style athletic shoes are recommended for this class. Your goal is to utilize the strength in your feet and your ankles therefore highly supportive footwear like trail-running shoes will prevent this. Bare feet or non-skid socks are not supportive enough during combination work and moving from trampoline to the floor. We do recommend periodically changing it up between lightweight athletic shoes and Bloch studio shoes. As for apparel, you will b.drenched in sweat so wear whatever you are comfortable in…capris, shorts, tanks, or sports bras.

To Bring + Not to Bring.
We provide all equipment, including your mat, ball, weights & trampoline. Be sure to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated. We have complimentary antioxidant water available to refill your bottle, or we have water bottles & B.YOU tumblers for sale in the B.Boutique. We also provide complimentary sweat towels, hair ties and items to freshen up after class! Don’t forget your MyZone so you can track your heart rate and calorie burn during class.

Check-In Process

You will need to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your first class so there is adequate time to sign the necessary paperwork, give you a tour of our facility, and discuss any injuries or modifications with your Inspire-er. For subsequent classes, we do require arrival 5 minutes prior to the start of class, or your spot may be given away to a standby student if the class is full. So b.sure to b.prompt!

Setting Up.
For all of our B.Barre classes, you will need to grab a light set of hand weights and a mat after you place your personal items in a cubby. Set your mat up in between two brackets under the barre and ensure it is flushed with the wall. For B.Silque classes you will need a mat and possibly some weights depending on the style of class. For your first B.Silque class and subsequent classes thereafter, your Inspire-er will need to measure you for an appropriate silque to match your hip-height ratio. The mat is centered directly under the base of the aerial hammock. For B.Bounce classes, you just need a trampoline and a light pair of hand weights, and you’ll be ready to get bouncing! Be sure to ask your Inspire-er if you have any questions about equipment or set up, and definitely let her know if you have any injuries, limitations, or need modification suggestions.

Pregnant and/or Special Limitations.
If you are pregnant, have chronic injuries, bone fusions or hardware that may limit your range of motion and need additional information to help you b.successful, pleaes arrive at least 15-mintes prior to the start of class to speak with your inspire-er. We are happy to provide you with alternate exercises, modifications and educate you on what to do and not to do to remain safe yet active and healthy! Our inspire-ers are trained to support our clients through common injuries as well as through every trimester of pregnancy. We also have a Physical Therapist on staff that can help you modify to ensure you are right on cue and hitting your goals at B.YOU

What To Expect In Class

Form Correction.
At B.YOU we work towards precision in all our classes and B.Barre Fit is paced perfectly to improve even the most seasoned barrista’s practice. As we recommended above, your first three classes should be B.Barre Fit. In this class, as well as all beginner level classes, we offer lots of detailed instruction and we are very hands-on in correcting form. Your goal is to learn proper body alignment, deep connection to your core and to connect mind to muscle while moving through various exercises. Don’t be surprised or discouraged if your Inspire-er touches your leg or shoulder; it does NOT mean you are doing something wrong, it may be her advancing your practice. Don’t be confused, even though we recommend your first 3 classes be B.Barre Fit, we strongly encourage you to always incorporate this class in your weekly routine to offer your mind and body what it needs and to continually work towards precision. Knowledge is power and B.Barre sets the bar high!

Reset + Recharge.
Not only do our classes improve your fitness performance, but you will see improvement and strength in your everyday life…this is where form is key! Taking much needed breaks to maintain proper form is extremely important at B.YOU.  During class your inspire-er will work your muscles toward exhaustion, hence the “shake.” You will be encouraged to “reset + recharge” whenever necessary to ensure your form is not compromised and you stay free from injury. When your muscle is passed fatigue and negative compensatory effects take place, reset and shake it out allowing your body to recharge and get right back into position recommitted feeling stronger than ever to continue working the muscle! Always take breaks if you are ever feeling like you need it; listen to your body and don’t worry about your neighbor. The class is all about YOU.

We are a community of women at B.YOU so we LOVE to see a lot of chatting before and after classes; however, please try to refrain from carrying on conversations once class begins or during the stretch. It does distract other clients and the inspire-er, especially when the much-needed mental replenishment is enjoyed during stretch. On the flip side, if you are feeling the energy and want to give a big “WOOHOO” during class, then, by all means, go for it! We LOVE energy during our classes as it helps to motivate everyone in the studio. If you need to leave early, no worries, just sneak out quietly and let us take care of cleaning your mat and putting your equipment away.

Don’t Quit.
When you try anything new or visit a place for the first time, it will cause you to feel out of your element. Trust us when we say you have to give it anywhere from 3 to 7 tries to begin feeling comfortable and confident. Our goal is to make you feel welcome, and we will encourage you to maintain what makes you YOU. We don’t expect you to adjust to us, but we adjust to YOU. Every single person in the class, even our Inspire-ers, felt the same way when they first tried out our methods. Don’t give up!

Pre-Class Prepping


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