Bounce your way to a healthier, happier and more fit YOU! Bouncing {aka rebounding} is widely used across the world in physical therapy clinics because it is a perfect way to increase core strength, improve posture, strengthen muscles and improve coordination while keeping your joints safe from injury.  B.Bounce takes all of these benefits and combines them with intense choreography, fun lighting & killer music for an exhilarating cardiovascular fitness class.  YOU will burn a tremendous amount of calories, be drenched in sweat, have a smile on your face, AND be ready to come back for more… you will seriously walk away feeling accomplished and energized!

B.Bounce is high-energy, high-cardio and pure FUN. Through choreographed sequences, all-out sprints and plyometric exercises using the trampoline, the floor and a combination of both, your heart rate will soar, increasing your cardiovascular health by light-years! As with all B.YOU classes, we won’t leave a muscle untouched as portions of class incorporate light hand weights for upper body and core strengthening. The best part is, B.Bounce is full of shock-absorbing benefits allowing optimal performance during high-energy exercises with no impact, unlike typical workouts performed on the ground.

Research Shows Many Health Benefits of Rebounding

  • 60% of our muscle mass is below our hips; B.Bounce targets them all while having FUN
  • Improves coordination & motor skills: concentrating on numerous things at the same time such as bouncing, balancing, maintaining form & anticipating the next move
  • Improves bilateral motor skills {practiced by David Beckham for ball control and NASA astronauts to perform skillful activities with zero gravity}
  • Increases oxygen capacity & circulation to tissues
  • Improves circulation of the lymphatic system
  • Improves balance & core strength; firms & tones muscles
  • Strengthens cardiovascular health
  • Increases metabolism, energy & sense of vitality
  • Low impact to knees and joints while strengthening the body…the trampoline absorbs up 80% of the shock while the floor and road absorb none
  • Stronger bones and reducing the risk for osteoporosis by putting the bones under slight stress during the repetitive rebounding action, causing the musculoskeletal system to build up and improve bone mineral content

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