Your LOW carb Pretzel :)

By November 8, 2013 August 30th, 2018 Blog

Your LOW carb Pretzel!

This Friday we have decided to take on Pretzel! When performed in proper form, the reward is body changing! Practice makes perfect in this glute focused variation and we are here to help you master it!

Standing pretzel is where we LOVE it most at B.YOU. Whether standing profile to the barre or facing it, the set up of a perfect pretzel remains the same. Lets work together this week to shape & lift the bubble 🙂

Pictured below Stephanie is facing profile to the barre, with the inside hip lightly touching the barre. The standing leg is soft with the hips squared forward and abs engaged. Start to extend the outside leg back behind the standing leg and then out at a diagonal. Bend the leg in half and rotate the outside hip externally! Engage by shifting the outside hip back forward!B.YOU_B.barre_Form-Friday_Pretzel_steph

Now lets check alignment! For the outside glute to engage, the working leg needs to be behind the standing leg. The hip is open and the knee is pointed out. The working leg’s toe should be pointed or flexed based on your Inspire-er’s cue, but the foot is pointing towards the foot that is on the mat. This will help bring the working leg’s shin parallel to the wall behind you! Check the abs, hips, chest, & chin! Keep them lifted & engaged throughout the exercise!

Before you start your variations cued by the Inspire-er, make sure you are contracted in your targeted glute. If you don’t have it, don’t move it. Keep adjusting until you find your glute muscles catch! Be careful not to over extend the spine or tuck the pelvis! Keep your hips inline with each other and your chest and shoulders strong!

Make sure you learn your proper pretzel position this week! Inspire-ers are standing by to help you succeed!!!

Happy Friday Beautees!