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finally, an at-home workout you actually look forward to!

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experience the energy of a real class in real time - from home! our state-of-the-art technology gives you an experience as if you are sweating in the studio with us during our 30+ live classes per week. turn on your cameras, and we'll give you a personalized experience and hold you accountable! No more coffee breaks. no more distractions. no more giving up. just that amazing feeling of accomplishment that you deserve.

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on-demand digital studio

access hundreds of pre-recorded live classes and workouts in our digital on-demand studio – anytime, anywhere, on any device. we record 30+ live classes per week so you will never run out of new content and will continue to feel motivated and challenged.

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keeping fitness fun

we are dedicated to bringing YOU the latest trends in fitness. we believe that staying fit is an integral part of living a healthy lifestyle; therefore, it should not be a dreaded, monotonous task…it should be FUN. It should be an escape. it should make you feel challenged, accomplished and rejuvenated. Our variety of methods and engaging community will do just that!

our methods

our methods


Bounce your way to a healthier, happier and more fit YOU! Bouncing {aka rebounding} is the perfect way to increase core strength, improve posture, strengthen muscles and improve coordination while keeping your joints safe from injury during this exhilarating cardio all out sweat.


No matter what shape you’re currently in, B.Barre Fit will rapidly transform your mind and body into an entirely new YOU! Using a barre or chair for balance, you will sculpt long, lean  muscles through fluid, low-impact movements.


You will rotate through exercises of multiple muscle groups and cardio activity that may vary in duration, rep, pace or interval. You’ll get a taste of each of our fitness methods while building strength, improving endurance and maximizing results.

maria wheatley

i love so much that i drive across the bridge to kentucky from indiana every day to work out at! but on hectic days when i can't make it to the studio for class, i love having the livestream option so i can still work out with all my friends and stay motivated from home.

monica randelia

living with type 1 diabetes, i certainly understand the cardiovascular benefits to exercise; however, the overall sense of well-being is just as important to me, especially this last year during covid.'s virtual classes and on-demand classes have kept me sane and feeling connected when i was unable to workout at the studio.

kitty mckinley

i have 3 children, 10 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. prior to joining 2 years ago, i was an avid runner until i injured my foot. i found for the low impact workouts, which where the perfect fix for me. i also love the positive atmosphere, the encouraging trainers and many friendships i have discovered.

jane wilhem

i am a mother of four and grandmother to twelve. needless to say, i have an active lifestyle that requires my energy and strength. i have found to be my answ4e4r for providing inspiration to keep up the pace! i have more strength and muscle tone in my early 60's than i did in my 40's because of the workouts. being surrounded by women who want to be at their best is exactly the motivation i need.