“It is my goal to provide my clients with high energy classes filled with fun motivating music and smiles. From B. Bounce Bootcamp to B.Barre classes, I will plan each session based on our clients’ needs and our proven exercises methods. As a former Principal, Physical Educator and contestant on the show Survivor, I am always up for a challenge and some fun. It’s an honor to be a part of an amazing community of women all working together for a positive upbeat approach to women’s fitness. As a client turned instructor, this program works like no other. At this point in my life (retired) I am blessed to do something I love and believe in… B.YOU”  …… Deb

“I love to fill my classes with positive energy, smiles and upbeat motivating music (singing is allowed). I want my clients to work hard and enjoy the precious time they spend on themselves. From B.Barre to B.Bounce it’s my goal for my clients to loose themselves in the exercises, the shake and the mind body connection all while having a TON of fun… I truly love getting to know each of my clients and spending time shaking and smiling together” …… Deb


FAMILY: Bryan (husband), Allie, Tanner and 4 dogs! (I love dogs and would rescue all of the unwanted if I could)

VACAY SPOT: Anywhere in the BVI’s

GUILTY PLEASURE: Chewy Spree’s, French Fries

INNER ROCK STAR: Bruno Mars, Pharrell Williams, John Mellancamp

CAREER OUTSIDE OF B.YOU: Former Principal, Physical Educator, Contestant on the T.V. Show Survivor (Debra Beebe)

WANTED TO BE WHEN GROWING UP: Flight Attendant  (I was too short!)

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Enjoy every day to the fullest….life is not a dress rehearsal it’s the only one we’ve got” Author unknown