“I’ve always said that I work hard to play hard. I love to exercise and love how it makes me feel. For me, exercise has always been my time to find my mental release for the day. It’s time for me to do what makes me feel good! Exercise is my cure all for any problem or issue that life throws my way. It helps me escape life and feel better after I’m done. I’m always encouraging people around me to get moving and be active in some way. I swear it will make you feel better!”

PLACE YOU CALL HOME: Born and raised in Louisville and I couldn’t imagine calling another place home.

FAMILY: Trip, my husband of over 5 years now. But we actually met when we were just 11 years old. We have two adorable pups, Molly and Lucy.

FAVORITE CLASS: Silque cardio or Barre 

FAVORITE SILQUE MOVE: Lifted crap! Holy booty burner!!

FAVORITE VACAY SPOT: Negril, Jamaica! This was the first place I went outside the United States, and it was on my honeymoon! It will always be a favorite of mine!

GUILTY PLEASURE: Anything sweet!!! I am addicted to candy, and I mean things like Skittles, Starburst, SweetTarts, Sprees….I actually could live without chocolate, but don’t take away the other stuff!

CAREER OUTSIDE OF B.YOU: Dental hygienist