“I found a home at B.You and a passion for working out that I truly never thought I would have! I want to inspire that same feeling of drive and community in everyone who takes my classes.  I want to push you to go lower, hold it longer and shake harder and after class, lets chat and be friends!”

Place you call home? Edgewood, Kentucky but I think I’m a Louisville-lifer now!

Family? I’m so lucky to be married to my best friend, Thomas!

Kick-Bootie-Class? I like to shake it up with Cardio and Silques and all that B. You has to offer – but Barre is still my first love!

Guilty Pleasure? Wine, French fries and Netflix Binges

Career Outside of B.You? I work at Mercer Human Resources

Fave Move: Pretzel – it’s the fastest way for me to feel those seat muscles!

Fav Quote:
“Her success is not your failure” I remind myself his all the time! As women we want to do everything and be everything for everyone but it’s important to celebrate each other’s successes and give yourself a break sometimes!