“My goal for every class is to inspire a person to challenge themselves every time. To walk out feeling like they accomplished something they didn’t think they could do when they first walked in. Keeping it fun but intense. Basically what you hate now you will learn to love as you find the inner Superwoman you are.  That shake will be worth it in the end.”

PLACE YOU CALL HOME: Depends who is asking ,I was Born in Cleveland , But I Live in Louisville KY..someone once told me: wherever you live with your husband “IS” your home. They have a great point ! 

FAMILY: Husband-Dan, Dog-Teddy, Cat-Julian

COLLEGE MAJOR: Bachelors of Science in Dental Hygiene

 FAVE BARRE SHAKER:  I look forward to all ab workouts because that has always been my focus and my trouble area, I just tell myself “shake to change, shake to change…hold that plank” 
HOBBY: Photographer and Singer
GUILTY PLEASURE: Watching the Bachelor (hopeless romantic), singing in the shower , taking selfies on the days I feel pretty!
FAVE QUOTE: ” If you always do what you always did , you will always get what you always got” – anonymous