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And the Winners Are….

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B.Driven July Challenge is over and these Beautees achieved their goal…21 Classes in 31 Days!!!  V.I.B Winners can pick up your FREE V.I.B tank top on Monday!  Or, you can receive your next month unlimited at $99 or 25% off your next B.Boutique purchase at the studio!!!  Congratulations Ladies!!!

Abell, Lisa

Alonso, Tamara

Andrews, Kori

Armstrong, Jamie

Balderson, Caroline

Ball, Jordan

Barden, Bridget 

Beam, Valerie 

Beck, Ashley

Brantley, Lindsey

Brewer, Kelsey 

Burghy, Jole

Carber, Nikki

Clephas, Erin

Cohen, Lizzie

Darwin, Sydney

Davenport, Sara 

Devore, Caitlin

Doll, Celeste

Douglas, Katie

Evans, Ashley 

Farmer, Nicole

Ferree, Lori

Fletcher, Brittany

Guillaume, Kristin

Hallet, Ann-Marie

Hass, Kelly

Hayden, Nichole

Henniger, Kate

Hickerson, Emily

Horn, Angela

Horner, Laurie

Jacob, Kathryn

Johnson, Abby

Kinnaird, Heather

Klein, Jessica

Knauer, Marjorie

Lane, Michelle

Lee, Jean

Longenecker, Felicia 

Tucker, Alison

Ludwick, Misty

Mando, Meghan

Manley, Alyson

Mara Legere

Marrett, Meaghan

Martin, Allison

McGlory, Lauren

McGroaty, Maura 

Metzler, Dana 

Moore, Lacy

Morrison, Katie

Morrison, Shelby 

Murphy, Andrea

Naïve, Jenn

Netherton, Valerie

North, Melanie

Norton, Mary

Nugent, Breanne

Oyler, Jenny 

Parker, Taylor

Petrosky, Sarah

Prichard, Lori

Raidy, Carmen

Raque, Katie

Roby, Carrie

Samelson, Erica

Schmied, Julie

Schnell, Kristina

Schuhmann, Diane

Singer, Kasey

Singleton, Laura 

Smaldone, Shilo

Sorrels, Ashton 

Sorrels, Jess

Southard, Ruth

Spencer, Joanna

Stice, Kristin

Sutherland, Janet

Thomas, Katie

Thompson, Christina

Tsueda, Andrea

Urschel, Brie

Van Arsdall, Catherine 

Wagner, Jana

Walston, Meredith

Waltrip, Christy 

Wesley, Megan 

Westphal, Cari

Wright, Ashley

Zangari, Michelle