“In my classes, you can expect music that motivates you and makes you want to dance! Just like with my physical therapy patients, you can bet I will be cueing you a lot on proper form and posture with each exercise. I have done plenty of my own modifications through the years, so i’ll be happy to help you modify any exercise to make it work for you. I want you to get the most out of each class, while still being kind to your body. I want you to feel it, but in a good way!”

PLACE YOU CALL HOME? Louisville since 2002

FAMILY? My husband of 15 years. Kent, and my 2 kiddos, Carter(9) and Kenna (7)

KICK-BOOTIE-CLASS? Tabata is always a challenge and a total calorie-burner

FAVE SHOES? Boots in the fall

VACAY SPOT? Banff, Canada (Canadian Rockies)

GUILTY PLEASURE? Wine and dark chocolate

MUSIC ARTIST WHO INSPIRES YOUR INNER ROCKSTAR? Pink ( doesn’t she do that for everybody?!

CAREER OUTSIDE OF B.YOU? Doctor of Physical Therapy

SURPRISING FACT? I’m a Cancer Survivor