Brrrrr Time to Ski!!!

By October 25, 2013 August 30th, 2018 Blog

We are feeling the weather change this week and bundling up!!! Make sure you check out our cover ups and comfy scarves to help you keep warm and comfortable before & after workouts!

This Friday we bring you Water Ski to help your body stay warm! This BarreAmped burner will leave you feeling untouchably strong & your leg muscles ignited during this cold front!

B.YOU_Form Friday_b barre_waterski

This advanced thigh exercise is slightly difficult to properly find yourself in and we want to help you become successful because the results are phenomenal! As you know, form is key! Here is the proper set up to melt your body into perfect form:

1. Start by bringing your hips to the barre and place your hands about shoulder width apart with palms down. Grabbing around the barre place the tips of your toes only 1 inch from the baseboard and your heels together.

2. In one swift move engage your core & begin squeezing your heels together as you lift your heels to High V {toes only 2 in. apart from one another} and allow your knees to flare open. Your hips in tandem will be lifting towards the barre and your chest rounds over your abdominal wall creating the S shape in your body.

3. Now it’s time to check form once your body seems engaged. Start from the feet up! High releve’ with heels glued and big toes just slightly apart in a narrow V. Knees are open and hips are pressed towards the barre while your abs are engaged and your chest rounds over your abdominal wall.

4. Ensure you check your shoulders. We want them pressed away from the ears and maintained in their pockets! Chest is always open and chin always lifted. Just like always maintain the chin-pelvis alignment as well as the back of your head with the tailbone! This ensures a safe spine!

One thing to check in this exercise is that 1. Your heels don’t drop & 2. You are not squeezing your seat to lift the hips! Its all core 🙂

We hope you enjoyed this Form Friday and just remember to take your mind back to the warmer weather as you feel like you are Skiing on the water!!!