Form Friday….Upper Body

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Werk it, Chisel it, Define it…that Upper Body!!!!!


It’s Form Friday, and we’re back to the barre with focus on our upper body!!!  The best thing about our upper body work is that we do not use huge weights which can bulk us up. Instead, we chisel our upper bodies into a b.you-tifully feminine physique with just 2 or 3 pound weights.  But the key is that Mind-Body CONNECTION that we are always talking about!!!! As we move through the micro movements for each targeted area, it is essential that you FOCUS on the muscle and put the contraction where it belongs.

Another focus you should have during upper body work is ALIGNMENT!  Always stand with that natural spine…ears, over shoulders, over hips, over heels.  Abs are zipped up tight and knees are soft.  Also, make sure your weight is evenly distributed at all 4 corners of each foot!  We tend to lean back into our heels while we work our upper body…so watch out for that!  

Check out this picture to see the perfect form…

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The exercise we are doing in the picture above can work different areas depending on the movement.  Just being in the position with your elbows at should level with a 90 degree bend, you can engage the front shoulder muscle.  That’s what you want to do before an movement occurs!  Of course you can always modify and be flat foot or in releve!

So if you add tiny taps up, you are further contracting that front shoulder.  If you add tiny squeezes (squeezing your forearms together, you add a chest contraction.  And if you extend your arms out and then curl again, you are emphasizing the bicep.  No matter what the movement, it is done with control, holding the contraction.  Try these tips next time you’re in class!!!

Have a Happy Friday Beautees!!!!! xoxo