Define your Thighs with Leg Lifts- Form Friday Favorite!

By September 20, 2013 August 30th, 2018 Blog


Oh how we love to whip out a little Leg Lift action at B.YOU™! This BarreAmped thigh focused exercise will leave you begging for a break. Since it is such a burner, form can be lost & negative pain with no gain can occur! Check our Form Friday Tips!

Start by placing your back slightly against the barre! Without leaning backwards towards your mirror, simply ensure your feet are directly under your hips, your hips under your shoulders, and your shoulders under your ears!!! Take your hands wide, bracket to bracket, soften your knees & engage your core- next will be your preference… either heels down or in releve’, but knees are always soft on the standing leg! Then bend the knee on your working leg and left your leg straight out into full extension! 

Now it’s time to recheck form and keep form! So re-engage your abs to ensure your core is in full effect, which is how you are going to protect your back from pain, then ensure your shoulders are pressed away from your ears and your chest is open. Check your standing knee once more, it should be soft and your working leg straight! Back is still grazed to the barre, but you are upright with your shoulders over your hips!

It is easy to loose form, release core and tuck your hips under here, but you can stay strong and keep form all the way through!!! Your goal is to keep your leg as high as you can, but as your thigh & hip flexor fatigue, your leg will start to lower which is perfectly normal! Your challenge is to keep it high with perfect form!!!

Lets burn those thighs this week together!!! 

Happy Friday xoxo,

B.YOU™ {her modern fitness boutique}