Form Friday — B.Silque — Lifted Crab

By January 3, 2014 August 30th, 2018 Blog

2014 Mission #1…A B.you-tifully Toned Bubble Butt!!!

Strategy:  B.Silque Lifted Crab!!!!


Talk about a bubble burner…Lifted Crab will hurt so good and get you that toned bubble butt you’ve always wanted!  This exercise uses your  body weight and the silque as resistance to work your outer bum.  Begin by cradling your entire back side, from under your seat to over you head.  Hands and arms relax in an overhead prayer position.  Make sure your legs are fully extended toward the ceiling with feet flexed.  You will get the most resistance and benefit if you allow your toes to peek out the back of the silque as pictured down below!  

Once you’re in position, begin to press out on the silque, opening the legs wide with the goal of a straddle.  You will feel the burn instantly in your outer glute muscles!  This exercise uses your entire body’s weight as resistance as you press your legs open and contract the bubble.  Check out perfect form below:

Form-Friday_B.YOU_B.Silque_B.barre_lift-crab-When you complete the sets, you’ll desperately need to hug those knees to your chest for a quick release!!!  Then, it’s time to dismount.  As with all our transitions in B.Silque Lifted, the transitions are completely optional.  If you aren’t ready to brave the flip quite yet, then just sit up and step out of the silque.  But hey, it’s a New Year….so why not give it a shot?!?!?!  Here’s a step by step guide below.  Think….YES YOU CAN!!!!!!