Form Friday — FAB Obliques

By February 21, 2014 August 30th, 2018 Blog

Ummm…..Yes, please!!!!!

obliques-picYou too can have these FAB obliques practicing proper form in T-Stand Plank!

T-Stand Plank is an amazing exercise that tones your entire core, particularly your obliques.  But as always, proper form is the key to targeting the appropriate muscles and keeping your body safe from injury.   Starting from a full plank, drop your heels to your left and reach your right arm up to the sky.  Your shoulder should be stacked right over your wrist, but continue to push away from the mat, distributing the weight out through your fingertips to keep the pressure out of your wrist.  With your other arm, keep reaching for the sky; this will keep you from allowing your shoulders to collapse.  Hips should be lifted as you contract the lower oblique muscles.   Check it out…


Now it’s time to move!  Sometimes we’ll tap your hips up, scoop your upper arm under your waistline or reach your upper arm over head, all to focus and contract the lower oblique muscles.  But modify when you need to!!!!  You can always drop your lower knee to the mat to make this a slightly less advanced exercise.  Keep you hips lifted and you will still get a tremendous burn!  The other way you can modify is to drop down to your forearm to lose the pressure in your wrist or to adjust the pressure in the shoulder.  

Well that’s it for today.  Happy Friday and Happy T-Standing!