Form Friday – Inverted Childs Pose

By June 12, 2015 August 30th, 2018 Blog

Because it’s June and we’ve all fatigued our shoulders, chest and abs in our Sexy Back Plank Challenge, today’s Form Friday shows you a fabulous stretch for these areas!

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Check Rashna out in this inverted child’s pose! This stretch focuses on your lower back, your abdominals, your chest + shoulders and allows your entire body to relax! It not only relaxes your body, but this fantastic stretch allows your mind to unwind!

In order to melt into this relaxing stretch you must first properly get into an inversion! Follow these steps to success: Stand in front your silque {silk}, with your hands in a back hand hug place the silque at the small of your back. Leaning in to your silque, keeping your spinal alignment, allow your silque to be secure by your body weight and slide your hands a little higher than your hips. Core must be completely engaged to prevent injury! As you lean back, straddle both legs wide and allow your thighs to catch you from falling through the silque. The wider you allow your straddle, the more secure and successful you will be! Keep holding onto your silque and allow your heels and feet to come in front of your silque and in front of your body and slide them through the silque latching your toes around the fabric. Keeping your knees bent you will now feel locked into your silque and you can release your hands!  You should feel very comfortable and secure in your silque and with your inversion at this time. If you do not feel locked, your feet may be wrapped the wrong direction. You can always set back up and try again! Once you are ready allow your arms to spread and the ops of your hands to skim the top of the floor! Once you are inverted and latched in you can take your hands down to the mat to stop yourself from swinging.  Then begin to  walk your hands forward into your inverted child’s pose, dropping your chest towards the mat and feeling the beautiful stretch in your shoulders, abs and back!  

Enjoy this awesome stretch next time you are in one of our B.Silque™ classes!


Happy Friday Beautees