Form Friday – Reverse Pushups

By December 27, 2013 August 30th, 2018 Blog

Get those shapely and b.you-tiful TRICEPS this Form Friday as we highlight the Reverse Pushup!!!!   

As always, proper set up is key!  First you want to sit and plant your feet flat on the mat hips distance apart.  Place your palms just under your shoulders with your fingertips facing towards your heels or slightly out to the side.  Lift your hips from the mat just a few inches.  Now it’s time to move!  

In reverse push-ups, you want to bend your arm at your elbow towards the back.  This exercise is not a movement of the hips!  Just bend at the elbow and press up, only contracting the triceps.  But of course, keep that core tight!  

To make the movement more challenging, shift your hips back towards your palms, which gives more weight and more resistance.  You can also vary this exercise by extending one leg towards the ceiling (as pictured below) or in tabletop.  Try these tips next time in class, and your TRICEPS will feel the BURN!!!  


Have a Happy New Year, Beautees!!!!