Friday Form Fanatic– Foldover on the Barre!

By September 6, 2013 August 30th, 2018 Blog


Foldover on the barre can be uncomfortable as we all know! It takes strength and proper body positioning to ease through a full set of seat work during this exercise! This post will help guide you to a standing- leg ache free class!

The set up is the most important part– start leg distance away from your barre. Then place both feet under each hip, so your feet are parallel and hip distance apart! Then you simply soften both knees, and hinge over your legs while bending at the waist! “What helped my form improve was placing my hands at my groin and hinging over my hands”- Stephanie Bristow! It is important your start with a neutral spine and engaging your core, preventing a tuck or an arch- this keeps your spine fully protected and prevents back injuries! As you hinge, you will place your hands wide onto the barre. Starting the work in your right glute, soften your left knee and extend your right leg behind you and lifting your straight leg until your glute engages. 

You will then shift your right hip down, place all body weight into your right palm of your hand and by the inner sole of your left foot! As you are shifting weight to your right palm, your left hand will actually be holding your weight and prevents extra body weight and tension in your left hip and standing leg! 

Core strength plays a major key in preventing injury and allowing proper shift of body weight so that you can ease your way through this seat lifting and shaping exercise! Another key is that your thighs {smaller muscle} have already been fatigued because we always work our thighs in BarreAmped before our seat {larger muscle}. So you always should feel free to reset during foldover on the barre and allow your standing leg {fatigued thigh} to have a quick break so you can keep your focus on your working glute muscles! 

That’s our short & sweet Form Focus for this Friday! We hope your standing leg will ache a little less as your continue your Barre classes at B.YOU™! Have a fabulous weekend!!!