Newb.ie Bounce Week!

By June 10, 2016 August 30th, 2018 Blog

Are you in a rut with your workout routine and ready to try something NEW?

Do you love a good SWEAT, a huge calorie BURN and an opportunity to SHED those unwanted pounds?

Then B.Bounce is the perfect fit for YOU!!!

Bouncing {aka rebounding} is widely used across the world in physical therapy clinics because it is a perfect way to increase core strength, improve posture, strengthen muscles and improve coordination while keeping your joints safe from injury.  B.Bounce takes all of these benefits and combines them with intense choreography, fun lighting & killer music for an exhilarating cardiovascular fitness class.  YOU will burn a tremendous amount of calories, be drenched in sweat, have a smile on your face, AND be ready to come back for more… you will seriously walk away feeling accomplished and energized!

During our Newb.ie Week, we are offering classes just for NEW clients so that you have, not one, but 3 chances to try this A-mazing new fitness method! Our 3-Class Pass to any of the classes listed below is only $30.  Click here to purchase this exclusive offer to new clients. {Click “Online Store” from the menu and select “B.Bounce for Newb.ies” from the drop down box.}


Check out this video to see B.Bounce in ACTION!