Targeting womens problem areas is our core focus
of the sculpting classes.

B.Barre Fit and B.Barre Express, both mixed level classes, produce quick results by lengthening and chiseling muscles through tiny movements, isolated holds and intentional stretching. With focus on strengthening and sculpting women’s problem areas, this class is form-focused with in-depth setup so that you can discover the tremendous mental connection to your body. Your highly trained Inspire-er can tailor this class to all levels, offering modifications and more advanced variations.

MyZone Target: 55%-70% MHR

B.Barre Fire is precisely what it states; our basic b.barre class on fire, therefore this is an advanced level class. Using elements of pilates and ballet, this class targets every muscle group, large and small, using full range of motion to keep the heart rate elevated throughout. Cardio intervals are also strategically placed throughout the class to get your heart rate up so that your body is sure to tone, strengthen, and burn those unwanted calories! High-energy music, lots of movement, and advanced choreography make this a killer workout perfect for plateaus your body may be experiencing! 10 B.Barre Fit classes are recommended before attending B.Barre Fire.

MyZone Target: 70-80% MHR during barre / 80-85% during cardio

B.Silque Strong is an intermediate level class that tones your body from head to toe through intense holds and deep muscle strengthening! Utilizing your body weight as resistance and the silk for balance. B.Silque Strong will activate your core, increase upper body and challenge your body and coordination! The class combines grounded exercises, lifted elements and transition “tricks” for an innovative, challenging, and total body workout. Class ends with deep stretching, inverting {yes, hanging upside down is a major tension releaser} and everyone’s favorite, cocoon {aka perfect nap spot}.  It is recommended that you attend 3-5 other B.Silque classes before attending B.Silque Strong.

MyZone Target: 50-75% MHR

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