Meet Some Pretty A-mazing Chicks…

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Megan Nevitt & Melissa Breunig

We feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to motivate & inspire women to reach new milestones on their fitness journeys through our 100 Circle Recognition and the various challenges we hold throughout the year. This past month, we encouraged you to team up with a workout buddy and take as many collective classes as possible.


Realizing that September is a month of transition, and what many might describe as a month of pure chaos, we view each and every one who participated in our “Bestie Bootcamp” as a winner. Just making that commitment is an accomplishment in itself, so kudos to YOU, no matter whether you were able to take fifteen classes or only five.


A few teams not only met the goal of 40 collective classes but went above & beyond. BIG CONGRATS to these strong women who challenged themselves AND one another throughout the entire month. We hope you feel stronger, healthier and certainly more accomplished than you did when you started. You earned a bag of fun B.YOU surprises sprinkled on top with some serious bragging rights. Stop by the front desk to take a peek!


Bestie Bootcamp Winners

Megan Nevitt & Melissa Breunig – 62 combined classes

Megan Sexton & Casey O’Connell – 53 combined classes



More kudos to these lovely women who reached new milestones in their fitness journey at B.YOU as well as these Inspire-ers who have been committed to bringing you hundreds of intense yet exhilarating classes to keep you coming back for more. Congrats, Ladies!

B.YOU-tee Milestones

100 Circle

250 Circle

500 Circle

750 Circle

1500 Circle

Sovilla Ashton Connie Beck Sarah Mitchell Karen Sierpina Ericka Hartung
Kimberly Wearsch Helen Vice Sarah Beth Belcher
Debra Bean Alexis Pittenger Erica Gaunt
Hannah Alexander Heather Snider Stephanie Metten
Saira Ahmed Sarah Frey
Abbey Flynn Ritu Furlan
Marcia Pitman Kaitlyn Hubert
Carly Wood Amber Allen
Ellie Madalon Andrea Parr
Kaitlin Blessitt Meghan Clark
Michelle Blair
Pamela Poe
Kaitlin Blessitt
Michelle Bair
Pamela Poe

Inspire-er Milestones

500 Classes Taught

1000 Classes Taught

Lyndsay Long Emily Hughes