Nothing feels more invigorating and rejuvenating than a good sweat. At B.YOU, we love to help motivate you to increase your heart rate, burn calories, and yes, SWEAT.

B.Barre Cardio uses the classic foundation of B.Barre Fit and combines it with low-impact, core-controlled cardio intervals to accelerate results and burn tons of calories. Barre Cardio relies on safe, high-intensity interval training targeting the entire body. This class is meant to break plateaus, keep your body guessing, and includes exercises meant for everyone no matter your age or fitness level. Your instructor is highly trained to change up the flow of the format to maintain these principles and give your body just what it needs!

MyZone Target: 55-70% during barre / 70-85% during cardio

B.Bounce Bootcamp is a beginner level class and will ease your way into B.Bounce Fitness, but it is also a great way for our current Bouncin’ B.YOUtees to change up their routine! B.Bounce Bootcamp is an exhilarating cardio experience that introduces basic rebounding exercises and combinations as well as plyometric tabata-style intervals. A portion of the class is also dedicated to strength training and core work to ensure the body is challenged to its maximum. The format of the hour long class is strategically designed to allow opportune time for correction, explanation, and for you to find your comfort in the technique. Though this class may be beginner level, the cardio is still intense & invigorating and you are sure to walk away drenched in sweat with a smile on your face!

MyZone Target: MHR 75-95%

B.Bounce is an intermediate level class that has high-energy, high-cardio and is pure FUN. Through choreographed sequences, all-out sprints and plyometric exercises using the trampoline, the floor and a combination of both, your heart rate will soar, increasing your cardiovascular health by light-years! As with all B.YOU classes, we won’t leave a muscle untouched as portions of class incorporate light hand weights for upper body and core strengthening. The best part is, B.Bounce is full of shock-absorbing benefits allowing optimal performance during high-energy exercises with no impact, unlike typical workouts performed on the ground. Various class lengths are offered for your convenience, including B.Bounce Express {45 minutes} and B.30 Bounce Sweat Sesh {30 minutes}.

MyZone Target: 75-95% MHR

B.Silque Cardio is an advanced level class. Although you remain grounded throughout the class, cardio intervals and strengthening exercises utilize the silque in YOU-nique ways to get your heart racing! Using your body weight as resistance, the silque for balance, and high intensity cardio intervals, B.Silque Cardio burns fat, strengthens the core, and chisels the entire body.  Utilizing a research-based cardiovascular format with grounded elements, calories will be burned up to 48 hours after class.  If you’ve been hesitant to try silques in the past, now is your chance!  We recommend trying a few B.Silque Barre and B.Barre cardio classes prior to attending B.Silque Cardio.  Be ready to sweat!

MyZone Target: 60-70% MHR during strengthing / 80-90% MHR on cardio

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