By November 15, 2013 August 30th, 2018 Blog

Flatten your belly in FLAT BACK!!!!

It’s time to fight the holiday pounds and flatten your belly in Flat Back…a huge core toner!!!!  But don’t get discouraged, this exercise takes time and practice to master!!!  Take these Form Friday tips to your next b.barre class, and you will feel the tone and burn!!!  

First, you’ll want to make sure your back is completely glued to the wall/mat.  Hinging forward and inching yourself back will ensure you are flush and ready to work!  Next, you’ll want to take an underhand grip on the barre, keeping your elbows close and shoulders plugged down.  Gently pulling out on the barre and slightly hinging  your chest over your abdominal wall will help you press your lower back into the wall and pull your abdominals up and in.  Lifting the abs will lift the pelvis and put you in perfect form to get ready to move!

Check out Stephanie below in perfect FLAT BACK form….


No matter which variation you are doing (legs bent or extended), you’ll want to make sure you don’t use your thighs to lift.  It’s a huge mind body connection in FLAT BACK!  You have to take the work out of your quads and put the contraction in your abdominals.    Try lowering your legs or alternating one leg at a time to help you focus more on the core.  

Try these tips and if you still have trouble finding the connection, ask your Inspire-er for help before or after class.  That’s what we’re here for…to help YOU master the exercises and get the most out of your workout!!!