B.Lifted with Superman– Form Friday

By November 22, 2013 August 30th, 2018 Blog

It’s Form Friday and we decided to shake it up a bit!!!  We thought you might like to see our B.Silque Lifted™ Superman!!! It is one of our FAV transitional moves! It is challenging, yet oh so rewarding! Here we bring the How To straight to YOU!

First you take both feet in front of your body and bring your silque to the plumb line.  Take a single hand hug and pull your chin just over the silque and kick your legs through the center of the silque.  With control, land with your hips on the silque or just slightly below the hips in superman.  Once you are in a secure position, readjust your hands by sliding them up the silque and allow the chest to open more.  Legs now extend long and core-set tightens even more. To dismount, simply allow the left foot to lower to the mat followed by the right foot and let the chest lift to standing.


Seems simple enough right? This simple transition flip from say ankle cradle bridge to lifted Core-set duty, works the WHOLE upper body as well as the core! Join us Friday’s at 11am or all week long during our B.Silque Lifted™ class to master Superman!


Happy Friday Beautees


B.YOU™ Inspire-ers