Form Friday is Oh so AB-ilicious!!!!

By November 1, 2013 August 30th, 2018 Blog

Oh So AB-ilicious

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Who does not like ab work?!? We base our figure and our fitness level off of how are abs look…which is wrong! At B.YOU™ we focus on keeping our CORE-set tight through out every exercise, which is working all of our abdominal muscles. We use them for stability, balance, and to protect the rest of our body!

We give YOU a polisher at the end of BarreAmped classes with our fun & abdominal exercise C-Curve aka The Curl. You are working all of your abdominals to the top of your chest, your obliques {side} and into your pelvic floor. Love it? Hate it? Yes, it is a love-hate relationship that makes us feel amazing afterwards! Success starts with set up, here YOU go:

Begin sitting up tall with a long neutral spine with your feet flat in front of you and hips distance apart. Take your pinky through pointer finger under your knee caps with your thumbs on top of your knees. Allow your shoulders to roll down away from ears with your elbows out. Chin is lifted off your chest and your chest is open, now is where you begin to roll down allowing your abs to curl your pelvic floor up, with belly button pressing down towards the mat and chest rolling over your abdominal muscles. This creates the C shape in your spine. Your goal is to strengthen your abs enough to allow you to go lower with the small of your back into the mat.

YOU will get there!

Never roll down too low where your abs don’t have a chance to engage and your feet float off the mat. This usually will create a lot of negative tension in your neck! We don’t want that. We want your obliques and every inch of your abs to be quivering! So press your feet into the floor through all 4 points of your feet and make sure your abs are buying not your neck! 

We hope you have enjoyed this Form Friday as well as enjoyed your Halloween!

Have a FAB-you-lous weekend