Form Friday — Round Back

By December 6, 2013 August 30th, 2018 Blog

It’s Round Back time on this very chilly Form Friday!!!!

After pulling your mat halfway up the wall and sitting up against it, set up for round back by placing your palms beside your hips, lifting your hips up and tilting your pelvic floor up as you lower yourself back to the mat.  You should be sitting on the area just above your tailbone.  Feet are in parallel, hips distance apart and flat on the mat.  Press your hands up on the barre, while pressing your shoulders down away from your ears.  Your spine is rounded and belly button pulls down towards the mat. Core zips up and in.  

Once you find that perfect position and contraction, you can advance and bring your knees to tabletop.  Knees stack right on top of hips, legs in a 90 degree angle.  You can keep your palms pressing up on the barre or take a gentle grip on the back of your thighs as Steph is showing us in the picture below.  


Now pulse your knees slightly toward your chest, pulling your belly button down and in, exhaling and contracting.  Modify by keeping your feet flat on the mat in parallel.  

Don’t get discouraged if you have a difficult time finding your abs in round back!  Just keep trying these tips and you will get it!!!!!  Round back is an awesome core shaper!!!!  


Be safe and warm on this cold and snowy weekend!!!! XOXOXO Barre Beautees!!!!