FORM FRIDAY — Standing Seat Work

By January 10, 2014 August 30th, 2018 Blog


You know you want it…that perky, lifted booty…so come and get it!!!!  Standing seat work will absolutely lift and tone your derriere with the correct form and focus!  So, tune into this….

Set up by facing the barre with feet in parallel and hip distance apart.  You want your abdomen touching the barre….that way we can keep reminding you to zip your abs up to the barre!!!  Hands will take an underhand grip on the barre.  Take your working leg behind you, slightly on the diagonal.  FIND THAT GLUTE MUSCLE!  

Barely lift your big toe off the mat…if you lift it too high, your back will arch!  That is a  NO NO!  Make sure your hips stay square to the mirror and your abs are fully zipped up.  HINT:  The more you zip your abs the deeper the contraction in that glute!

At this point, you’ve already worked your thighs, so you’re standing leg is probably burning and fatigued, so try this little trick:  Push your weight into the working legs hand, and roll the weight to your inner arch of your standing leg.  That helps to take the pressure off the thigh so you can FOCUS on the working glute only!  This is a HUGE mind & body connection.  So no cheating…focus and make it shake!!!  

Movement:  So whether your Inspire-er has you in pointed, flex, pretzel, circles, lifts, pulses, or whatever, they should ALL be done with tiny, itty bitty movements!  Throughout the movements, keep checking your form over and over.  The more you keep the hips square and belly button pulled in, the better rear end you will have!!!!

Here’s Steph showing you perfect form…

B.YOU_B Barre_Standing Seat Work_Form Friday