Form Friday- Wide 2nd {classic barre move}

By August 9, 2013 August 30th, 2018 Blog


Form is key and the absolute core of our success! At B.YOU we want to properly educate your mind… and then your body will follow! After all, it is the mind-body connection that gets results! Kicking off this Form Frenzy Friday, here are some tips on improving your Wide 2nd position:   

Here Morgan is in an advanced position with her heels raised in high releve. We keep our heels flat during B.Barre I to help you find your position and connect to the muscle groups we are focusing on {inner, top, & outter thighs}.  Knees stay directly over your ankles, and weight stays in your big and second toes.  

Tip: A lot of us gals are tight in our hip flexors and in our groins {adductor magnus}. This can make it difficult to properly set up into Wide 2nd. If you are tight in these areas, your knees will point forward rather than to the side and it is difficult to keep your shoulders over your hips. To maintain form and prevent injury & obtain an amazing leg workout, simply hinge over slightly so your knees can rotate out, allowing your muscles to now engage {always keep your chin aligned with your pelvis and the back of your head aligned with your tail bone}! As your flexibility increases, your chest will raise and shoulders will be aligned with your hips! 


Just like every exercise in every B.YOU class, your abdominal muscles (a.k.a. your corset), should be contracted.   A strong core will protect your entire body!


Here is a great stretch to help stretch your hip flexors.  Be sure your front knee is directly above your ankle to prevent injury.  Reach your back leg behind you, squaring your hips and melting down into your hip flexor.  

Always come in before class or stay after, and we will be more than happy to work with you on your form!

Happy Friday 🙂