Happy 1st Birthday!!!

By September 10, 2013 August 30th, 2018 Blog

It is our 1st Birthday and we are excited to share all of the wonderful things that we have been through this year! Joyful memories have been made, strong friendships created, and lots of bodies have reshaped over just 12 short months!

The time has flown by and we want to say Thank You for sharing this wonderful year with us! Take a look at some of the things we copied into our memory books- From Coming Soon to a whole new look as B.YOU™! We have grown and you helped us get there!!!

Before the walls were secured we knew within them many would be Driven, Inspired, & Strengthened! We could not wait to change the sign from Coming Soon to Grand Opening!!!

Pictured above  are just a few of our clients that joined us for our Soft Opening that took place the week of Sept 4th!

These are some of our first professional photos done by the wonderful PinkOwl Photography! 

We had a blast our first Halloween as a studio with a great group of girls who participated! We know more of you will participate this year  {hint hint} 😉

After just a couple of months of being open we kicked off our first Bootcamp series for a 6 week challenge! During the 6 weeks, girls strengthened beyond belief and brought our studio to a whole new level! This is right about the time B.Barre Fire was added to the schedule as well! You girls still rock xoxo!!!

Here are a couple of pictures of B.YOU Beautees Work-n-it!

LOVE our clients! B.YOU™ is filled with all fitness levels, all shapes and sizes, and ALL who are beautees inside & out!!!!


When the doors of B Barre opened we started with just two instructors! Stephanie & Morgan 🙂

Introducing Stephanie Bristow, founder of former B Barre Fitness and  b.creator of B.YOU™

Morgan Bush, the first Inspire-er 

Then slowly new Inspire-ers were introduced, starting with Amanda & Megan who kicked off their first classes in January 2013!!!

Let’s meet Amanda <3

Meet Megan who graced us with her hard-core classes while she was still living in Louisvile, but has now made her way to Lexington due to her husband’s professional career <3


Soon after we had 3 more Beautees that went to training! One of which is now half of B.YOU™, b.creator Rashna Carmicle! Let’s meet her first 🙂

Along with Rashna we then had Carly & Joy join the B.YOU™ Inspire-ers! Carly has been a members since our opening and Joy has been a B.Barre Fire addict since day numero uno!!!

Introducing Carly

And Joy aka Sparkle 🙂

Now we are blessed with 2 more Inspire-ers! Carrie Rice, who is still in training while she focuses a lot of her time on the Boston Marathon & Kristie Hanke who has just began Inspiring all of you this month!

Continuing on with our fun year! Let’s look at our first Barre-Tine class where the Gents came to class with their Beautees on Valentine’s Day 2013!

We all remember the fun B.Outside Bootcamp!!!


NOW— It’s time to get down to the re-branding!!!! So much fun changing over from B Barre to B YOU™ and helping women feel secure in finding their confidence in this FabYOUlous community of strong woman!!!


Since our rebranding in May we have grown so much! Various styles of classes have been added including B.Barre Tabata and B.YOU™’s own method B.Silque™ Fitness!!!

We love all of our Beautees and sincerely thank you all so much for your support, your patience as we have learned along the way, and your friendship! Cheers to the next Year and many more!!! Join us on September 10th for giveaways & treats as we take a day to reflect on how hard all of our B.YOU beauties and Inspire-ers have worked!

We love you xoxo