The Lovely Lunge

By August 23, 2013 August 30th, 2018 Blog

The Lovely Lunge

We admit it- It’s a love/Hate relationship with Lunges!

Many clients say they don’t like Lunges because it causes them knee pain, but you should be pain-free in this lower body burner! Follow these form tips to keep your knees happy and your body changing! 

 When we get into this position start with your front foot about 6 inches from the baseboard. Check your front knee and make sure it is directly over your ankle- if this knee is shifted too far forward or back- this can cause you knee pain! 

 Next, bend the back knee and shift it slightly behind your hips as you curl your back toes under- if this knee is shifted too far forward or back from your hips- this can also cause you knee pain! 

 We like to start low to the floor- but if your back leg hip flexor (connector from thigh to abs) is tight your height from the floor may vary. 

 Using the barre for balance, sit up straight keeping a neutral spine We are looking for your shoulders to be right over your hips. Then engage your core-set by pulling your abs up and in as you straighten your spine.

 Last check to make sure your shoulders are back and down away from your ears and hold them there by squeezing an imaginary penny between your shoulder blades the entire time! 


Rashna is showing us in the picture a more advanced option that we have in Lunges for the thighs when we releve’ (lifting the heel) the front foot. When the front foot is in releve’, you will feel the front thigh engage more- but make sure you keep your weight in both feet, because we are working BOTH legs here! 


Lunges can focus on thigh work or Seat work! When the foot is flat- pushing your weight in your front foot heel will engage your seat more on the leg that is forward. Pressing your weight into the entire foot, especially the ball of the foot/toes will engage your thigh more- so be sure to take cues from your instructor on which mind-body connection you should be feeling when you are in class! 

 If you have any questions about Lunges- be sure to see your instructors before or after class for tips! We are always happy to help you keep shaking and changing @ B.You™!