What are your highest pair of heels?!?!

By October 4, 2013 August 30th, 2018 Blog

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1st Position aka High V is a challenging exercise that will make you quiver as soon as you melt down only 5 inches!!! We are excited to bring this knowledge of perfect form to you as we use this thigh burner for the next 7 days!

As always we encourage you to stand arms distance from the barre, this helps change your dependency to your core for balance and precision instead of our security blanket {the ballet barre}! Once there, take your heels together and toes just 2 inches apart {thin piece of pie} then simply check your stance–ears over shoulders over hips over heels {ESHH}! This is when you put on your HIGHEST pair of HEELS 🙂 Coming into your highest releve’,  engage your abs  which will tighten your CORE-set and start to slide down your imaginary wall, keeping your ESHH. You will then slide down about 5 inches OR until your thighs engage.

It is important to start with muscle engagement, so before you begin your tiny movements you MUST be engaged and connected. Challenge yourself to dig deep and mentally connect to your body before you start a set. You will find the contraction and the muscle before you begin and the SHAKE starts almost automatically. The Mind Body connection is real and this connection brings real results! Try it in your next class and dig deep for it, each and every exercise!

A few other details you want to focus on in 1st position {high V} are your knees. Once you have lowered down 5-7 inches into thigh engagement, you want your knees to be flared open and your inner thighs engaged. You will check your toe width to ensure you are not straining your knees. Adjust your V width according to your body’s comfort and always listen to you body!

The steps are simple, but you just have to keep reminding yourself of the proper form through all your sets: ESHH, flared knees, core-set tied, chin up, chest open, heels high and squeezed together & last but not least, weight shifted in between your 1st & 2nd toes! We hope these tips and this Form Friday will help you succeed in this awesome classic barre exercise!

Happy Friday XOXO,