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Pictures say a thousand words, so let’s just take a look first….

alignment5  B.YOU_b.silque_core_lifted_core_plank_knee inB.YOU_b.silque_core_lifted_core_plank_tuck B.YOU_b.silque_core_plank pikeB.YOU_b.silque_core_plank advanced pike






Lifted plank is more advanced than a classic plank on the mat.  It takes more core strength to hold your hips up and tighten your abdominals and it also uses a lot more upper body strength because your legs are elevated.  The movements as you see above involve a larger range of motion than movements within a classic plank, so they also require significantly more core and upper body strength.

SO….if you cannot hold your hips up and your back and hips are sagging, you need to be doing plank on the mat!!!!  Plank on the mat is still an amazing core workout so don’t be discouraged; it takes practice, practice and more practice!  Our biggest concern is protecting our bodies, not straining our backs and being kind to our joints!  Which leads us right into FORM…




Here’s the B.Silque Lifted Plank into a Pike.   Feet cradle in the silque, palms go directly under your shoulders.  You want to alleviate the pressure on your wrists by distributing the weight out through all your fingertips.  Hips are slightly higher than your waistline to ensure there is no sagging and pressure on your lower back.  As we said before, if at any point during the exercises you cannot hold your hips up, then remove your feet from the silque and simply plank on the mat!  

To add the pike, you just tighten your core to lift your hips up over your shoulders, pulling your extended legs into a pike position and taking your gaze to the back of the room.  From there, you want to slowly lower yourself back into a perfect plank and repeat the sequence.  Then you’ll need a quick break on the mat before heading into your next plank exercise!!  

Have fun taking these tips to practice, but  be careful and be kind to your body!!!!  Happy Friday!!!


Form Friday….Upper Body

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Werk it, Chisel it, Define it…that Upper Body!!!!!


It’s Form Friday, and we’re back to the barre with focus on our upper body!!!  The best thing about our upper body work is that we do not use huge weights which can bulk us up. Instead, we chisel our upper bodies into a b.you-tifully feminine physique with just 2 or 3 pound weights.  But the key is that Mind-Body CONNECTION that we are always talking about!!!! As we move through the micro movements for each targeted area, it is essential that you FOCUS on the muscle and put the contraction where it belongs.

Another focus you should have during upper body work is ALIGNMENT!  Always stand with that natural spine…ears, over shoulders, over hips, over heels.  Abs are zipped up tight and knees are soft.  Also, make sure your weight is evenly distributed at all 4 corners of each foot!  We tend to lean back into our heels while we work our upper body…so watch out for that!  

Check out this picture to see the perfect form…

B.YOU_b.barre_b.silque_formfriday_upper body
















The exercise we are doing in the picture above can work different areas depending on the movement.  Just being in the position with your elbows at should level with a 90 degree bend, you can engage the front shoulder muscle.  That’s what you want to do before an movement occurs!  Of course you can always modify and be flat foot or in releve!

So if you add tiny taps up, you are further contracting that front shoulder.  If you add tiny squeezes (squeezing your forearms together, you add a chest contraction.  And if you extend your arms out and then curl again, you are emphasizing the bicep.  No matter what the movement, it is done with control, holding the contraction.  Try these tips next time you’re in class!!!

Have a Happy Friday Beautees!!!!! xoxo


Form Friday: B.Silque Lifted Bubble Duty — Hinged Arabesque

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Yes, we’ve spent a few Form Fridays talking about our rear ends, but let’s face it, we all want to lift our butts!!!!!   And believe it or not, ladies, swimsuits are on the horizon! They are already displaying them in stores, despite the snow outside!  

So let’s talk about B.Silque’s Lifted Bubble Duty exercise, the hinged arabesque.  The great thing about this exercise is that you are also stengthening your core while you work your bubble!  In fact, this exercise works your ENTIRE BODY!

First, let’s take a look at Stephanie in the picture below.


So this is the position we want to see for Hinged Arabesque!  Steph is focusing on her left glute in the picture above.  Different variations can be used to contract this muscle:  pulses up, slides, tiny circles, flutters, full range of motion all with flexed foot or pointed.   

But in this position you are strengthening a lot more than just your rear!  Your core is fully contracted in order to maintain balance in the silque as well as keep you at the plumb line {center of gravity}.  If you are swinging back and forth during this exercise then you need to tie your tight core-set…it will pull you right back to the plumb line!   You will also feel fatigue in the standing thigh and glute because standing in a silque takes a lot more work than standing on the floor!  And last, your upper body is also contracted while in the hinged position to keep you from falling forward to the mat.  

As you can see, this is a phenomenal exercise with many benefits!!!

But don’t be intimidated; if you aren’t comfortable being lifted in the silque, all of these exercises can be performed on the mat as well!  you will still use all the same muscles.  Using just a mobile silque hammock for support while in arabesque is a HUGE core worker!!!  

So put these tips to work in your next B.Silque Lifted class!!!  And don’t forget, we have a B.Silque Workshop scheduled on Saturday at B.YOU Springhurst, where we’ll break down all the exercises and tricks!


FORM FRIDAY — Standing Seat Work

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You know you want it…that perky, lifted booty…so come and get it!!!!  Standing seat work will absolutely lift and tone your derriere with the correct form and focus!  So, tune into this….

Set up by facing the barre with feet in parallel and hip distance apart.  You want your abdomen touching the barre….that way we can keep reminding you to zip your abs up to the barre!!!  Hands will take an underhand grip on the barre.  Take your working leg behind you, slightly on the diagonal.  FIND THAT GLUTE MUSCLE!  

Barely lift your big toe off the mat…if you lift it too high, your back will arch!  That is a  NO NO!  Make sure your hips stay square to the mirror and your abs are fully zipped up.  HINT:  The more you zip your abs the deeper the contraction in that glute!

At this point, you’ve already worked your thighs, so you’re standing leg is probably burning and fatigued, so try this little trick:  Push your weight into the working legs hand, and roll the weight to your inner arch of your standing leg.  That helps to take the pressure off the thigh so you can FOCUS on the working glute only!  This is a HUGE mind & body connection.  So no cheating…focus and make it shake!!!  

Movement:  So whether your Inspire-er has you in pointed, flex, pretzel, circles, lifts, pulses, or whatever, they should ALL be done with tiny, itty bitty movements!  Throughout the movements, keep checking your form over and over.  The more you keep the hips square and belly button pulled in, the better rear end you will have!!!!

Here’s Steph showing you perfect form…

B.YOU_B Barre_Standing Seat Work_Form Friday


Form Friday — B.Silque — Lifted Crab

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2014 Mission #1…A B.you-tifully Toned Bubble Butt!!!

Strategy:  B.Silque Lifted Crab!!!!


Talk about a bubble burner…Lifted Crab will hurt so good and get you that toned bubble butt you’ve always wanted!  This exercise uses your  body weight and the silque as resistance to work your outer bum.  Begin by cradling your entire back side, from under your seat to over you head.  Hands and arms relax in an overhead prayer position.  Make sure your legs are fully extended toward the ceiling with feet flexed.  You will get the most resistance and benefit if you allow your toes to peek out the back of the silque as pictured down below!  

Once you’re in position, begin to press out on the silque, opening the legs wide with the goal of a straddle.  You will feel the burn instantly in your outer glute muscles!  This exercise uses your entire body’s weight as resistance as you press your legs open and contract the bubble.  Check out perfect form below:

Form-Friday_B.YOU_B.Silque_B.barre_lift-crab-When you complete the sets, you’ll desperately need to hug those knees to your chest for a quick release!!!  Then, it’s time to dismount.  As with all our transitions in B.Silque Lifted, the transitions are completely optional.  If you aren’t ready to brave the flip quite yet, then just sit up and step out of the silque.  But hey, it’s a New Year….so why not give it a shot?!?!?!  Here’s a step by step guide below.  Think….YES YOU CAN!!!!!!  



New Year’s Special Promotion

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NYE-SPECIALWe want to help YOU get your New’s Year’s Resolution under way so we’re offering this Fab-YOU-lous Special on memberships!  These include FULL ACCESS to all classes at both locations in Chenoweth Square and Springhurst {opening January ’14}.

12 Month        $128/mo

6 Month          $148/mo

3 Month          $158/mo     NEW Membership Term!!!!!

Receive a Welcome Gift when signing up for a membership!

Annual Member Perks:  15% discount on b.boutique merchandise, priority on wait lists and bragging rights as a VIB {very important beautee}!

If you have questions, please contact us at 502.930.BFIT or [email protected].

Special Offer begins January 1, 2014 and ends January 14, 2014.  


Form Friday – Reverse Pushups

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Get those shapely and b.you-tiful TRICEPS this Form Friday as we highlight the Reverse Pushup!!!!   

As always, proper set up is key!  First you want to sit and plant your feet flat on the mat hips distance apart.  Place your palms just under your shoulders with your fingertips facing towards your heels or slightly out to the side.  Lift your hips from the mat just a few inches.  Now it’s time to move!  

In reverse push-ups, you want to bend your arm at your elbow towards the back.  This exercise is not a movement of the hips!  Just bend at the elbow and press up, only contracting the triceps.  But of course, keep that core tight!  

To make the movement more challenging, shift your hips back towards your palms, which gives more weight and more resistance.  You can also vary this exercise by extending one leg towards the ceiling (as pictured below) or in tabletop.  Try these tips next time in class, and your TRICEPS will feel the BURN!!!  


Have a Happy New Year, Beautees!!!! 

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Happy Friday-before-Christmas Beautees!

Today’s Form Friday is all about stretching….particularly the inner thigh stretch performed in our B.Barre I classes.  This stretch is phenomenal is performed properly.  First off, just like all our stretches, it is an active stretch…NOT a rest!  You should be pushing your muscles (but not straining) to lengthen, define and replenish while also working on flexibility.  

For the inner thigh stretch, you’ll stand profile to the barre with your inner foot lifted, extended and placed on the barre.  Your foot should be slightly in front of your hip so that you can rotate your heel in on the diagonal and drop the inside hip to the mat for the deepest stretch.  You’ll want to press your heel toward the mirror, further increasing the stretch.  Take your outside arm up and over, hinging slightly over the inside leg, while maintaining distance between your ear and shoulder.  Many mistake this for an IT band stretch, but the focus should actually be on the inner thigh.  So don’t focus on how close you get your arm to the barre; its about lifting and pressing the heel toward the mirror to get the optimal stretch.  Here is a photo for reference: 



Happy Friday…stay dry…and stay sane these last few days before Christmas!!!! xoxoxoxo